Seishin Unyu Co.,Ltd. : Seishin Transportation Company is based on Edogawa-ward, Tokyo.

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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Seishin Unyu Co.,Ltd.
CEO, President Yuji Nakayama
Head Office 3-16-3, Higashi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 134-0084   
Business Certified Waste Treatment Service Provider by Tokyo Metropolitan City
Waste Disposal Services for private companies
TEL 81 + 3 - 3688 - 0454
FAX 81 + 3 - 3688 - 0598
Business Started October, 1946
Established May, 1953
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Number of Automobiles 62
Number of Employees 72
Capacity of Oil Station 15kl

Membership of Professional Institutions Tokyo Environmental Preservation Association
Tokyo Environmental Hygiene Cooperative Business Association
Edogawa Environment Preservation Cooperative Business Association
Tokyo Trucking Association
Edogawa-Minami Corporation Association
Edogawa-Minami Kanzeikai
Edogawa-Minami Yushinkai
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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